Tourist places in calicut

Kakkayam Dam

Kakkayam is a scenic damsite situated at a distance of 45 km from Calicut city. The region, best known for its wide range of plant and animal life, attracts tourists and trekkers alike. Adventure activities such as rock climbing and trekking can be carried out in Kakkayam. Located along the Western Ghats, this spot is surrounded by thick forest Know more..

Peruvannamuzhi Dam

Peruvannamuzhi is part of the Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary and excites visitors with its animal and plant life. The spot is rich with a wide variety of spices and Indian Institute of Spice Research is located here. The reservoir is open till 6 PM on all days except Sundays and national holidays. Know more..

Urakkuzhi Waterfalls

Kakkayam offers challenging trekking and rock climbing experience along the Kuttiady River. The Urakkuzhi waterfalls located in the Urakkuzhi ghat area is an added attraction. This place offers breathtaking views of the valleys with numerous waterfalls Know more..


Karyathanpara awaits the promise of dawn. Fresh, green and quiescent, it earnestly looks forward to its metamorphosis into a holiday hub when world-weary travellers would put up their feet and watch the Kuttiadi river quietly embracing battalions of acacia trees. Know more..


Beypore or Beypur is an ancient port town and a Municipality town in Kozhikode district in the state of Kerala, India. The place was formerly known as Vaypura / Vadaparappanad. Tipu Sultan, ruler of Mysore, named the town "Sultan Pattanam". There is a marina and a beach while Beypore port is one of the oldest ports in Kerala, which historically traded with the Middle East. Beypore is noted for building wooden ships, known as dhows or urus in the Malayalam Know more..

Kappad Beach

Kappad, or Kappakadavu locally, is a famous beach near Kozhikode (Calicut), India, where the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed on 20 May 1498. His voyage established the sea route from the Europe to India. This heralded the arrival and permanent route from Europe to India. Know more..

Pazhassiraja Museum

Pazhassiraja Museumis a fine museum . All those history lovers are welcome . Visiting here takes us bacK in time . How we were and how we are now . It is a must visit attraction for all tourists.Whether you are a native or not you will enjoy coming. Know more..

Thali Temple

The Kozhikkode Thali temple is an ancient one, dating back to the days of the Zamorin rule. The term Thali refers to a Shiva temple; however, the temple complex also houses a shrine to Krishna. Legend has it that Parasurama, associated with several temples in Kerala, worshipped Shiva here. Several legends associated with feudal rivalry, curses and relief from curses are associated with this temple. In its glorious days, this temple celebrated the Revathi Pattattaanam festival for seven days in the malayala month of Tulaa where learning and scholarship was celebrated with feasting and awards. The composer of Narayaneeyam (Guruvayur) is said to have been a recepient of awards at this festival. The Zamorin is also asociated with the pomp and splendor of the now extinct Mahamakam festival at Tirunavayi. Know more..

Thusharagiri Falls

the highest waterfall is the Thenpara that falls from an altitude of 75 metres. Situated at Kodencherry in Kozhikode district, the plantation destination that abounds in rubber, arecanut, pepper, ginger and spices is also a trekker's delight. Trekker's start early morning from the second waterfalls at the hills and climb up through the pristine dense evergreen forests teeming with exotic birds and animals to reach Vythiri and Waynad district by evening Know more..